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Self-Esteem Test

The important research conducted by Professors Martin Seligman and Roy Baumeister show that a high level of self-esteem is linked to higher levels of happiness.

Negative emotions are observed with low self-esteem: anger, envy, jealousy, pessimism, regret, greed, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, uncertainty, and fear from failure. These emotions affect our thoughts, and actions, hence our entire life!

On the opposite side, high self-esteem has a positive impact on emotions and result in: joy, peace, optimism, serenity, kindness, benevolence, empathy, self- confidence, generosity, compassion, courage, and risk-taking.

Optimism is evidently an accrued sign of vitality, while pessimism is a sign of reduced vitality. Thus, the necessity for a human being to be instinctively and deliberately optimistic. While optimism is of great benefit to ourselves and to others, pessimism is contagious and represents a danger to the individual and to society. The world is full of good news, however what we hear daily on the news, and read in the newspapers are drama, accidents, wars and catastrophic titles. Additionally, we have little chance to escape from such news. Each time we associate ourselves to the concert of bad news and lamentations we promote pessimism instead of optimism. Today, it is the whole planet that has become a village and because of the rapidity of communications we receive almost instantly all the news from other distant countries. We need to create a place for our free will and free thinking. We need to take initiative to limit the effects of pessimism upon us. By increasing Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence we achieve optimism and happiness.

When I was younger, I used to imagine that I was carrying two bags one which I could see because resting in front of my chest while the other rested on my back and which I could not see. The two bags were attached together by a strap resting on my right shoulder. The two bags represented all that could happen to me good or bad and all the information I could receive from others and from the media. When I would receive some happy news, I would – with my imagination – put it in the front bag where I could see it and rejoice. Conversely, each time that a misery happened to me or when I received some bad news, I would project it in the back pack which was difficult for me to see the content. This little game, which seemed trivial became a rule and helped me smooth out the roadmap of my life. I always loved to imagine that the front bag was filled up and very heavy and that the backpack was empty and light.

In one of my articles I spoke about the memory and its importance in relation to self-esteem. The weight of the bad news disappears when erasing it from the memory and will only remain the weight of the thoughts which resides in our thoughts and memory. Therefore, we need to get rid of the bad news by throwing them above our shoulder and behind us.

Our life is comparable to a wheel which is in continuous movement. The wisdom tells us to wait for the moment when the wheel can lift us to the top. If we look back at our life we can see that such moments did take place.

It is a fact that low self-esteem stands in the way of optimism, prevents positive attitude, and ultimately can be a real obstacle to happiness. A lack of self-esteem leads to negative expectations, self- doubt and unhappiness. A lack of self-esteem has an impact on life, on family and at work. Consequently, to seek happiness, we must develop high self- esteem. The happier we are, the less stressed we are, and the less likely we are to get sick, hence leading a healthier and more fulfilled life.

Having low self-esteem is a terrible thing because it can affect every part of our life.

Self-esteem isn’t just thinking well of yourself. It is also a consistent feeling of self-respect. It has a stabilizing influence on the person and provides control as well as a sense of what is right. Many concerns can damage our self-esteem, which may happen to any of us in a way or another, but the good news is that it is improvable.

The process begins with a perceived criticism or a negative judgment from others, which triggers a low self-esteem. But the repetition of such critical thoughts reinforces the beliefs. In fact, reinforcement is a cognitive approach and a very powerful tool that conditions our behavior and mind: the more the behavior is reinforced, the more it is likely to be repeated. Thus, it is enough to reinforce the belief that “Everything I do leads to failure” to increase the probability of feeling that I am worthless. By doing this process and repeating it, we learn to undervalue ourselves. We encounter fear and learn the “I can’t”.

Let us, for a moment, observe the terms conscious and unconscious and how they affect self-esteem. Our conscious represents our judgment, reason, and liberty. The unconscious is in the depth of our psyche. We then need the unconscious forces subdue to the control of the conscious. It is like a carriage pulled by a horse and conducted by a coach driver. If the coach driver – who represents the conscious – falls asleep, then the horse – which represents the unconscious – can deviate in any direction ending up in a ditch. Therefore, what we need is a control of the conscious over the unconscious. This concept is important to understand because it is the basis of our technique, which aims at reducing the insidious role of the unconscious and defeating our fears.

Studies on young children show that the parent style of education during the first four years determines the amount of self-esteem that a child will have. When the child grows up, the environment and the social network play an important role as to increase or lower the self-esteem. External circumstances do affect self-esteem; but this is not a destiny. You can improve your self-esteem and hence change the external circumstances. We can observe in the real world that self-esteem and circumstances are related. Thoughts also play a major role: you can raise your self-esteem by changing the way you interpret your life. Negative self-statements will always undermine your self-esteem. The voice inside you that criticizes you will keep your elf-esteem at a low level. By changing your thoughts, it becomes possible to disarm the negativity and begin to increase your self-esteem. My Method details an unprecedented technique to help you rapidly improve your self-esteem. However, it is not sufficient to read my Book, but to put it into practice. It is by getting into action that you can benefit from the Method. You have to do some work, but it is easy and simple. I would add it can become a passion for you to use the Method very often. These simple exercises are the best you can find in the field of improving self-esteem.

My objective is to help you change your whole life and taste the joy of happiness.

My Method is similar to driving a car. Remember your first experience of driving a car, you often thought “I will never be able to succeed”, until the moment when everything became an automatism. When driving from home to the office, you do go through the same roads and stop at the same stop signs and continue until you reach the parking area. It becomes a spontaneous and automatic driving. In my Method, the first level is reaching this automatism and spontaneity in an unconscious manner. Keep doing it until it becomes part of your unconscious. This is most essential. The Method may sometimes seem simple and easy, never mind it is the most powerful Method with proven results.

Many persons do not know that the source of their difficulties stem from low self-esteem. This is a deep problem, because people may accuse many different things as the cause of their failures without knowing what is behind these causes. In the majority of the cases, a low self-esteem is the principal cause of pessimism, regret, resentment, inferiority and uncertainty.

It is only after taking the free self-esteem test, that they can realize where they stand and the degree of their self-esteem. If the results are very low self-esteem, low self-esteem or even average self-esteem, they must react quickly and start building up their self-esteem.

Our technique – as we shall see – is based on feeling an action firstly through the senses (vision, hearing, touch), and then inwardly like the air we breathe deeply which maintains the life. There is no better remedy than to plunge our conscious in the reality of the moment, to impregnate it with an external act, such that it is transformed into an internal feeling.

When we are faced with facts as we see them, we shall be in a state of receptivity by living the present moment. By doing so, time after time, and by repeating it, we can reach liberty and free ourselves from the situation that imprisons us. To improve our Self-Esteem we need to work on our conscious and unconscious in an automatic way. This is precisely what the Rapid Improvement Self-Esteem method does.

We would like to share with you a unique Method that will help improve your self-esteem. With this Method you will improve your self-esteem in less than three-month time with only 3 to 8 minutes per day. If you think you have low self-esteem, then riseselfesteem.com offers you a method to improving self-esteem and boosting self-confidence. This new technique represents a major advancement that will transform your life. The Rapid Improvement Self-Esteem or RISE, is an unprecedented method which is simple to learn, easy to apply and leads to impressive results. The method is based on connecting behavior and emotions, which helps get into action, moving forward, developing and improving self-esteem.

First, you need to be truly honest with yourself and admit that you need to improve your self-esteem. Have you taken the Self-Esteem Personal Test” to measure where you stand www.riseselfesteem.com/test ?

We invite you to start by taking the self-esteem personal test which will measure your self-esteem and will tell you where you stand and how much improving self-esteem you may need.

Harvard and Ohio State University surveys show that 80% of the people would like to improve self-esteem and self-confidence. Are you among those 80%?

The problem is that most of the people do not know that the origin of their problems is a due to a lack of self-esteem.

It is a fact that many problems have their origin from a lack of self-esteem and the vast majority of people do not realize this fact. Improve your self-esteem and many of your problems will disappear and you will enjoy a happier life.

We put at your disposal this new technique so that everyone gets a chance to improve his or her self-esteem, to feel the positivity and empowerment a high self-esteem leads to and to live a thriving life.

We want to help you transform your life with a simple method aiming at improving self-esteem and self-confidence. As you will learn in the RISE method worldwide academic research has demonstrated time after time that self-esteem has a major influence in our lives: a low self-esteem can sabotage your entire life. On the opposite, high self-esteem increases self-confidence and definitely leads to a happier and more successful life. We invite you to start by taking the self-esteem personal test which will measure your self-esteem and will tell you where you stand and how much boosting self-esteem you need.

Don’t be discouraged if you feel you have low self-esteem. Building self-esteem can be learned thanks to our method and system. All you need is to use the RISE method on a regular basis for a few minutes each day. When you do that, we assure you that your self-esteem and self-confidence will improve rapidly and automatically.

The next thing is to acquire the Method. The RISE self-esteem Method is very simple to understand and easy to apply. It consists in connecting behavior and emotions together. The specific behavior we are looking for is an action. When you get into action you are moving forward, developing and progressing yourself. However, we all know that it is part of the human condition not to always do what we know we should do. We do not always act in our best interest, even when we know. Thus, to overcome this paradox, and do what is worthwhile doing, we need to act in a way that reveals our goodness.

The good actions system is the activity to build good feelings. This triggers emotions, which in turn result in improving self-esteem and lead you to achieve your fullest potential. Good actions create feelings and affective states that influence the memory. Your beliefs become your thoughts, your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your values, and your values become your destiny.

Our aim is to help you overcome your barriers and obstacles due to low self-esteem and to help you trust yourself and attain a happier life.

Let me tell you the story of Andreana who truly benefited from using the Rise method:

One day, I received a phone call from a mother, desperate to find someone to help her daughter, Andreana, who was going through severe depression.

At that time, Andreana was 19. She had failed in her studies, dropped out from cooking classes only 2 months after she had started, and failed in obtaining her driving license after 3 attempts. In addition, Andreana had put-on about 20kg extra weight and felt unattractive. She would wake up at 11 am and stay home for the rest of the day doing nothing. Andreana had no true friends and would refuse to go out even when invited. Out of despair, she once attempted to commit suicide but was saved at the last minute by her mother.

Andreana accepted to meet with me and opened up about how she felt. To me, that was already a sign that she wanted to change her situation. I could sense she was determined. Andreana finally decided to use the RISE method and we worked together during six months. Can you guess what was the outcome? Well, I can tell you that Andreana is a new person and that she got back some control over her life. To start with, she joined a school to become a social assistant and now she wakes-up at 5 am to get to school on time. She is also about to start a training in helping handicapped infants, a job for which she found a great passion. In the process, she lost weight, which makes her feel healthier and better with herself.

Andreana keeps thanking me, but SHE was the one to save her future by applying the RISE method with discipline and perseverance. When everything seems impossible, too challenging or even desperate, the RISE method still proves to be very efficient. You only need to have the desire to change.

If you wish to continue learning about RISE and benefit from the exercises just like Andreana has – you need to register and purchase the method. As you will see the entire method is proposed at a symbolic price. This is because I want RISE to be accessible to everyone. My aim is that everyone gets a chance to build self-esteem and improve self-confidence, to feel the positivity and empowerment a high self-esteem leads to, and to live a thriving life.

The RISE method is an efficient tool that will unlock your potential and let rise your best qualities. The method is easy to learn, simple to apply and leads to impressive results. With RISE you shall reach deeper understanding and encounter strong emotions. You will build a high level of self-esteem that will change your life.

Start now by building your self-esteem and self-confidence; Do not postpone a major decision to change your life to the happier. Visit www.riseselfesteem.com

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