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Emotional Intelligence, Self-Esteem and Leadership

I was always interested by the subject of Self-Esteem and started my personal research in 1987. My work included reading most books on Self-Esteem, studying the research conducted by American and French social psychologists, studying the works of Herbert Benson (Mind/Body relation), learning Ericksonian Hypnosis (related to medical purposes) studying the works of Harvard professor Howard Gardner (Multiple Intelligences), learning and qualifying in Emotional Intelligence and in the MBTI (levels I and II), coaching hundreds of students and adult people, learning from observations in my practice, to finally creating the RISE method.
The RISE Method crowns 25 years of research and experience. It is a Method that is simple to learn, easy to apply and leads to impressive results. All you need is to use RISE on a regular basis for 3 to 8 minutes each day.
During the past two years, I have been testing the RISE method on more than one hundred people of different ages whose feedback was an astonishing success. While conducting my research and observations, I also discovered a strong correlation between Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence. With RISE you shall overcome your barriers and obstacles, reach deeper understanding and encounter strong emotions. You will build a high level of Self-Esteem that will transform your life.
Exceptionally, I will provide some theory about low self-esteem:

The process begins with a perceived criticism or a negative judgment from others, which triggers a low self-esteem. But the repetition of such critical thoughts reinforces the beliefs. In fact, reinforcement is a cognitive approach and a very powerful tool that conditions our behavior and mind: the more the behavior is reinforced, the more it is likely to be repeated. Thus, it is enough to reinforce the belief that “Everything I do leads to failure” to increase the probability of feeling that I am worthless. By doing this process and repeating it, we learn to undervalue ourselves. We encounter fear and learn the “I can’t”.

Let us, for a moment, observe the terms conscious and unconscious. Our conscious represents our judgment, reason, and liberty. The unconscious is in the depth of our psyche. We then need the unconscious forces subdue to the control of the conscious. It is like a carriage pulled by a horse and conducted by a coach driver. If the coach driver – who represents the conscious – falls asleep, then the horse – which represents the unconscious – can deviate in any direction ending up in a ditch. Therefore, what we need is a control of the conscious over the unconscious. This concept is important to understand because it is the basis of our technique, which aims at reducing the insidious role of the unconscious and defeating our fears. Our technique – as we shall see – is based on feeling an action firstly through the senses (vision, hearing, touch), and then inwardly like the air we breathe deeply which maintains the life. There is no better remedy than to plunge our conscious in the reality of the moment, to impregnate it with an external act, such that it is transformed into an internal feeling. When we are faced with facts as we see them, we shall be in a state of receptivity by living the present moment. By doing so, time after time, and by repeating it, we can reach liberty and free ourselves from the situation that imprisons us.
Very often we hear people saying: ”this person is extraordinary. She has so much confidence in herself”. It is because everyone else realizes the importance of self-confidence in our current life as well as at work. In most jobs self-confidence is a precious tool. Consequently, those who possess high self-confidence have the benefit of a major asset. Nevertheless, if some have excellent self-confidence it remains essential to remember that self-confidence can be learned and developed.
In effect, self-confidence is the external part (which can be seen and heard by external people) of the “hidden” part which is self-esteem.  Self-esteem is the degree to which “you like yourself” and “trust yourself” and believe that you can succeed and take the risks to go beyond your comfort zone. I have developed for you a Method that will help you grow and improve your self-esteem. Most classical methods require several minutes – not to say hours – each and every day for several months to increase your level of self-esteem.  My method requires only a few minutes each day and will give results after only three months. We all have this possibility to rapidly improve our self-esteem and self-confidence but we retain the idea that “it is difficult to change and succeed”.
NOT with the RISE Method!
Luckily we have now this method which is based on the findings of the Emotional Intelligence and on the fact that a certain behavior can affect our emotions and feelings. In reality, we receive the emotions first and next we start reasoning. The reasoning leads us to choices and decisions which in turn lead us into a specific behavior and finally into getting into action. Now imagine reciprocally that you adopt a certain behavior which can affect your emotions and feelings. Now stop reading for a minute and try to answer the following question:
What is the behavior that can produce good feelings?
Are you guessing? Which action or actions produces in you a good feeling?
There is one action that can always produce in any of us a good feeling : “helping someone else”. Or “rendering a service”, or “giving a helpful hand” , or “smiling” etc. The list is immense, but all are based on “helping another person” which I have called “Good Action”. The exact word could have been “good deeds”, but I prefer the word ACTION because it shows the Movement of “getting into action”.
What happens when you do a Good Action? The normal result is that you “feel good”, and this is precisely this feeling that I would like to see being repeated many times a day until you really feel it and become proud of yourself. The more you do it, the more you feel good inside yourself. Lord Baden Powell who created the SCOUT Movement insisted that every scout must do at least one good action a day. My Method insists that you do several Good Actions each day. In fact we do them without paying attention to what we just did. Think about how many times you smiled to someone in day. If you think smiling is not something extraordinary, then think about those who never smile, those arrive in the office in the morning without a simple “good morning”. Now try to visualize the colleague who comes at work with a smiling face and a beautiful “good morning”; does it make a difference?  Each time you do a good action the immediate result is that you feel good and you feel better about yourself. This is the beginning of increasing your level of self-esteem. It is by repeating the behavior that you can act upon your Emotional Intelligence and “print” the feeling in your brain.  It is like you are downloading a new software which replaces the old one in your mind.
The more you use the new software, the more it erases the old software which said: “I am no good”. The more you do Good Actions, the more you “feel good” and the more your brain receives the message : “I am good enough”, “I like myself”! When we retain something, it is because we have been getting into action, consciously or unconsciously. This process is like magic because very powerful and efficient. Many people have never thought that  by doing Good Actions they can increase their Self-Esteem and self-confidence?
During a long time researchers have imagined that the memory was comparable to huge file in which were found an immense amount of data. Then it was noted that at the occasion of certain illnesses the souvenir of a certain number of notions were being lost as if a number of “index cards” were destroyed. In the same way, it was found out that as the souvenirs often weakened with time, we had the impression that things were erased as if the ink on the paper had slowly faded away with time. In fact, we know today that the souvenirs remain engraved in the memory for the rest of our life. The “index cards” are still there and are not destroyed. What is lacking is our ability to locate them and read them. The souvenirs are still there but we no longer know how to read them. This is an image of what is taking place in our brain. Alternatively, we know that to search for the souvenirs we need to understand the functioning of the brain. All the functions of the brain can be trained and developed. It is the manner that our brain has been trained which varies from one individual to another. The brain functions in the same way as any other organ of our body; and to function correctly – and avoid rusting – we need to train our brain and ensure a regular hygiene and development. This is the very reason for which I advocate the repetition of Good Actions on a daily basis. In the same way that gymnastics develops our muscles, the repetition of doing Good Actions will reinforce the intended functioning of our brain to reach a high level of good feelings and hence of increasing self-esteem and self-confidence.
The Method seems simple, yet it is the most powerful if applied correctly as explained in the Book which you can find at www.riseselfesteem.com
We often ask ourselves how to be more confident?
Do you know that by Wondering how? Get the RISE Self-Esteem Method today. Results are two times more efficient than for classical methods.
Many people want to know the answer to the question : do I lack self-esteem and self-confidence?
It is a fact that people who complain about having difficulties rarely think that their origin is a low self-esteem issue!
Academic research at Harvard and Ohio State Universities show that 80% of the people wish to increase their self-esteem and self-confidence. This represents a vast majority of the people. Another problem is that many people do not know that the source of their daily problems originates from a lack of self-esteem. In general they do not pay attention to this essential component which is very much connected to happiness.
Having confidence means that you trust yourself and often trust that your actions will lead to a successful outcome. Even if you may not always succeed you still believe that you have a self-assurance.
Self-confidence and self-esteem are closely intertwined. Self-esteem is the degree to which you like or dislike yourself.
Self-worth means how much you value yourself. In a way it is synonymous to self-esteem.
People differ in the degree to which they like or dislike themselves. This trait is called self-esteem. Because self-worth and self-esteem have a direct impact on life, substantial academic and psychological research has covered these interesting subjects. For example, self-esteem was found to be directly related to expectations for success: people who possess high self-esteem believe they hold the ability they need in order to succeed at school, university, or at work.
Individuals with high self-worth and high self-esteem are also likely to take more risks, to choose unconventional jobs, to be less susceptible to external influence, and to be less prone to seek approval from others. Instead, low self-esteem is another way of saying you put little or no value on yourself.
Not surprisingly, Self-Esteem has also been found to relate to Confidence and to Locus of Control; a characteristic by which people believe they are masters of their own life.
Below is a series of questions that can help you reflecting on the issue of self-esteem:
Are you the person you always wanted to be?
What are the most critical choices you have made to put yourself in your current situation?
How did you achieve to not trust yourself?
Which thoughts lead you to have a low opinion of yourself? How can you become (more) self-confident and successful? What are the best confidence building tools?
The above are questions you will need to answer if you want to stop sabotaging your life and start freeing yourself!
Before going into the deeper aspects of the psychology of self-esteem, we need to understand its functioning and its major influence on our lives.
How difficult – yet passionate – it might be to give a direction to our life and climb the top of the mountain rather than looking at it from afar. If this difficulty already exists for a person in solid physical and psychological shape, then how much more arduous it could be for someone who suffers from some lack of self- esteem! They may actually believe they have no power or strengths when, in reality, they do not know how to use them. Those with low self-esteem can be paralyzed and exert confused efforts while instinctively looking for a posture that can fit their aptitudes. In fine, they are probably looking for a method to help them improve and develop themselves in order to become a better person. The RISE Method is one that will serve these purposes.
How many people have the potential but are not aware of it? How many people could succeed if they increased their self-esteem by only a little?
Professor Nassif assures you that if you follow and apply the RISE Method not only will you boost your self-esteem but you will also (re)discover what your true potential is and how much you can accomplish.
Learning how to boost your self-esteem will lead you to a happier life. A lack of self-esteem is often the hidden source of several problems. Once you realize that self-esteem is the cause, then you can deal with it.
Self-esteem is a key component of self-confidence, which is crucial and determinant to a thriving life. Because self-esteem effects emotions, a low self-esteem causes negative feelings such as sadness, pessimism, resentment, regret, uncertainty, anger and fear of failure.
On the other hand, increasing self-esteem has a positive impact on emotions and results in joy, peace, optimism, serenity, kindness, empathy, self-confidence and generosity.
The good news is that self-worth and self-confidence can be gained and improved.
My aim is to help you overcome your barriers and obstacles due to low self-esteem and to help you trust yourself and attain a happier life.
The RISE method is an efficient tool that will unlock your potential and let rise your best qualities. The method is easy to learn, simple to apply and leads to impressive results. In only three month-time and 3 to 8 minutes per day you will be able to rapidly improve and boost your self-esteem and self-confidence. With RISE you shall reach deeper understanding and encounter strong emotions. You will build a high level of self-esteem that will change your life.
The RISE method has been tested on more than one hundred persons of different ages. It may not be a big number of people; however, it is valuable to learn that all of these persons have succeeded in improving their self-esteem and self-confidence. I have helped these persons. And I can help you become more confident. Want to learn how to increase confidence?

I want to help you transform your life with a simple method aiming at improving self-esteem and self-confidence. As you will learn in the RISE method worldwide academic research has demonstrated time after time that self-esteem has a major influence in our lives: a low self-esteem can sabotage your entire life. On the opposite, high self-esteem increases self-confidence and definitely leads to a happier and more successful life. We invite you to start by taking the free self-esteem test which will measure your self-esteem and will tell you where you stand and how much boosting self-esteem you need.

I promise you that with the RISE Method you shall reach deeper understanding and encounter strong emotions. You will build a high level of Self-Esteem that will change your life to a much happier one.
A very good way to start is to take the free self-esteem test. You will immediately receive your score with interpretation and will know exactly where you stand. So go ahead and try the RISE method.  Do not postpone a major decision that can unlock your potential and get you closer to the life you want.

Your free self-esteem test : www.riseselfesteem.com/test

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