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Sometimes, it seems to us that we should not feel responsible for everything we do and think. But paradoxically, for the majority of what we do, responsibility may achieve wonders. By accomplishing what we say we want to do, we become responsible for these things, because they become important to us. It is this notion of importance that helps us be more motivated, and use our will. For example, we can decide to be responsible for quitting smoking, working out, losing weight, changing career, or remaining the person we are. But self-esteem is very closely linked to taking responsibility and one good activity to build self-esteem is to become responsible for everything we do. In other words become accountable for our actions.

The easiest way to create accountability in life is first of all to adhere to what is said. So others will know that we expect of them to keep their word, in the same way that we hold ours. Thus, in reality we put in practice and show what we are responsible for and then we request it from the others. In truth, this behavior is unusual, because the temptation is great to surrender rather than holding to its commitment. It is also for this reason that people who show an ability to be responsible are appreciated and seen as credible. When we acknowledge the importance the role of credibility has in increasing the level of self-confidence, we can better understand the linkages that strengthen and solidify relationships with others. Improving self-esteem will help taking responsibility and reaching freedom and happiness in your life.

Since our early age, most of us have been conditioned to blame something or someone that is external to us. We blame our parents, our friends, our colleagues, our boss, our customers, the weather, the economy, the media, our husband or our wife. In reality, we blame many things and spend a lot of time doing so. We do not want to look at where the true problem lies: in ourselves!

To ensure success and to accomplish the things that are most important to us, we must assume 100% responsibility for our life. This is not easy, but anything less shall be pointless!

Taking responsibility helps “feeling good”, which is another word for self- esteem.

If you want to create the life you crave for, then you’ll have to be responsible for everything that you will encounter in your life: your studies, your work, your salary and expenses, your savings, your debts, your emotions, and your couple! This also means: “stop making excuses”. Stop making up stories where you appear as a victim and inventing reasons why you are unable to accomplish your goals.

If you want to succeed: you must stop making excuses for good. No matter the reasons, “the past is the past”. All that matters is that from this very moment you decide to act (enter into action) as if you were 100% responsible for what is happening to you.

While increasing your self-esteem, you will cease making excuses.

No work is more important than the work on yourself. Can you imagine that in three months’ time you will have reached a high level of self-esteem and self-confidence? Can you imagine that your whole life can be changed by using RISE self-esteem for a few minutes each day?


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