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What is the RISE Self-Esteem Method?
The RISE® Self-Esteem Method (Rapid Improvement Self-Esteem) was created by Professor Sam NASSIF, Ph.D., PCC after 25 years of personal research and experience. It is a new Method based on the findings of Emotional Intelligence which connects emotions to behavior and aims at helping people develop and improve their Self-Esteem which in turn can help them unlock their potential and transform their life
Why was RISE Self-Esteem created?
Professor Nassif observed that people with low Self-Esteem were constantly struggling making decisions or “getting out” from a situation they disliked. Their efforts were rarely successful. As a result, they would end up losing hope of ever being able to defeat circumstances or distressing habits and getting the life they wanted. Professor Nassif’s intention was therefore to create a transformational tool; a service that can make people free and happy; a service that can create the greatest good for the greatest number of people.
Why should I use RISE®?
By using RISE® you will improve your Self-Esteem. It is demonstrated that people with high Self-Esteem are satisfied with their life and work; they tend to be happier and more successful; they take more initiative, and are more willing to act and take risks. The benefits of high Self-Esteem are self-confidence, self-assurance, a general sense of well-being and positive feelings.
Why should I trust RISE®?
Early research conducted in 2010 – 2013 demonstrated that RISE® has proven to be effective on more than one hundred people of different ages and background. It may not be a big number of people but it is valuable to know that all of these persons –100% of them – succeeded in improving their Self-Esteem and now enjoy a thriving life.
How can RISE® help develop or improve my Self-Esteem?
Start by taking the free test to evaluate your Self-Esteem: you will learn where you stand exactly and how much improvement you may need. Once you have done so, register as Premium and read the Method (it won’t take you long), which explains all the essential points regarding Self-Esteem: how it functions, why we need to improve it, etc. The Method will also give you some guidelines and “how-to” tips (what to do and when,..). These will show you and train you on how to connect behavior and emotions together.
How does RISE® compare with other techniques?
Past techniques (auto-suggestion and induction; meditation; visualization; combating internal negative dialogue and distortions; hypnosis; self-hypnosis; etc.) require a high level of discipline and a substantial amount of time. Instead, the RISE® Method is easy to learn, simple to apply and leads to impressive results. It requires only few minutes each day (3 to 8 minutes).
Do I have the assurance my self-esteem will improve?
Professor NASSIF assures you that if you follow and apply the RISE® Method with determination and perseverance, as detailed in the Book/Audiobook, and if you monitor your progress thanks to the mobile App, you will definitely be rewarded.Not only will you build up your Self-Esteem but you will also (re)discover what your true potential is and how much you can accomplish. After a period of six months, you may re-take the test to see how much your Self-Esteem has improved.
Do I have a guarantee of reimbursement if I do not improve?
Sorry, but there won’t be any reimbursement. The entire RISE® Self-Esteem Method which includes the Free Evaluation Test, the Mobile App, the 9 audios, the Book, the Audio Book, the Community, the Get Inspired and the Personal Journal are proposed at a symbolic price; which contradicts all Marketing experts who emphasize that the RISE® Self-Esteem Method must be valued at a much higher price given its true value! However, Dr. NASSIF wants RISE® to be accessible to everyone so that everyone gets a chance to improve his or her Self-Esteem. Unlike other offers, there are no monthly or yearly memberships. Once payment is effectuated all features are displayed with no time limit.
Why should I use the mobile App?
To facilitate a practical use of the RISE® Self-Esteem Method, we have developed a “3 clicks” application. The App. is an important part of the RISE® Self-Esteem Method; not only it is very useful with the 9 explanatory audios, but it is also necessary to monitor your daily results and your 10 days’ progress. You can follow your progress and pursue your improvements until you feel that your Self-Esteem has improved, really and truly.The mobile App is found by typing “RISE SELF-ESTEEM”.
I have more questions: what should I do?
You may post your questions on the Forum where you can interact and exchange with the whole community. In case you still have a personal and unanswered question, you may contact us at: Contact Us

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As a free user, you will only have access to a limited version of the mobile application where you will be able to test the first level of the RISE Self-Esteem Method by listening to 5 audio sessions and using the first step of the workbook (both features available on our mobile application that you can download free of charge), in addition to taking our free self-esteem evaluation test.

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